Kinsale Energy operates a network of approximately 150 kms of subsea pipeline and control cables to produce gas from its Celtic Sea facilities. The pipelines connect the Kinsale Head, Ballycotton, Southwest Kinsale and Seven Heads Gas Fields to the shore at Inch Terminal near Midleton, Co. Cork.

Subsea Wells

In 1989 the Ballycotton Gas Field was discovered approximately 13 kms to the North West of the Kinsale Bravo Platform. Since the development of the Kinsale Gas Field in the late 1970s there have been significant advancements in Subsea Technology. These advances made it possible to develop the Ballycotton Gas Field as a Subsea Satellite tied back to the Kinsale Bravo Platform.

The Ballycotton Gas Field was brought on stream in 1991 and was the first field to be developed in this way in Irish waters. Since then Southwest Kinsale, Seven Heads and Greensands Fields have all been developed using this technology. Kinsale Energy has a total of 10 Subsea wellheads connected to the Kinsale Platforms.