Prior to decommissioning, operations offshore were carried out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The offshore facilities in the Kinsale Head Field were totally self-sufficient.

The main facilities on the offshore installation included:

• Helideck (for transfer of personnel via helicopter)

• Power Generation (for all our electrical demand)

• Potable Water Generation (converts sea water to drinking water)

• Living Accommodation (including offices, galley, dining areas, gym, recreational areas and bedrooms)

• Workshops

• High speed data and voice connectivity

• Cranes (for transport of essential supplies via boat)

• Lifeboats and life rafts

• Production Facilities (to process the gas)

Day-to day supplies and provisions were transferred by regular helicopter flights, with heavier items of equipment being shipped by supply boat from Cork.

In August 2021 all personnel were removed from the offshore installations and they were ‘Cold Stacked’. All platform systems were deactivated, except for an ‘Aids to Navigation’ (AtoN) system which remained to guide and mark safe waters in the vicinity of the platforms.