Why are we decommissioning?

It is anticipated that the gas wells will have come to the end of their productive life by 2020/2021, at which time the gas reserves will have been depleted. When this point is reached, the wells will be permanently plugged and the associated facilities (platforms, pipelines, cables, subsea structures and onshore terminal) will be decommissioned.


What is the Decommissioning Project?

Kinsale Energy is currently working on a plan to decommission the Kinsale Area gas fields. The offshore decommissioning activities are expected to occur intermittently over a number of years, commencing in 2020/2021 after field production ceases. The onshore works at Inch Terminal works will occur over a much shorter period (less than 6 months).


You can read more about our preparations and planning for the Decommissioning project HERE

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